About Geoinformatics Group Augsburg

The Geoinformatics Group (GIG) at the University of Augsburg aims to develop innovative computational methods for:

  • spatial communication and geovisualization processes
  • analysis of spatio-temporal data and processes
  • modeling and simulation of human-environment interactions and spatio-cognitive processes
  • Location Based Services (LBS)

Research topics reach from fundamental questions to applied projects and include:

  • Modeling and analysis of migration movement of pre-colonial cultures in the Amazon basin
  • Developing a computational model of spatial suitability assessment using the example of pedestrian accessibility
  • Conceptual models of human spatial cognition and the simulation of human navigational behaviour
  • Navigation & Wayfinding (indoor, outdoor)
  • Analysis of floating car data (FCD)
  • Augmented Reality Sandbox (ARS)

The group also hosts the LechDigital Project, intended to show the future potential of the Lech river.