Esri Development Center (EDC)

What is EDC Program for Higher Education?

The Esri Development Center (EDC) program was established to bring closer Esri and university departments that challenge their students to develop innovative applications based upon the ArcGIS platform. This specifically refers to motivating students to advance and extend Esri’s core software, teaching and research on novel uses of the software beyond standard “out of the box” usage, etc. Students affiliated with EDC programs gain special access to Esri software and have opportunities to be recognized for their accomplishments.

More information on Esri Development Center program website.

What does EDC supports?

  • Project applications (with Esri as a supporting partner for various research fields)
  • Provision of joined BA and MA thesis topics
  • Practical work and internships at Esri that are offered to selected students
  • Joined courses offered by the Esri education team and incorporated into the current curriculum of the Geoinformatics MA program
  • Possibility to extent the teacher education program within the institute of Geography within the Esri EDC
  • Strengthen existing participation of students in the GeoDev Meetups

EDC Student of the Year

The Esri Development Center (EDC) Student of the Year is an annual award open to all  students and sponsored by Esri. Its purpose is to recognize outstanding achievements in developing novel tools or techniques for geographic analysis. One winner each year will be recognized by a plaque, a $500 cash prize and a complementary registration to present his/her work at the Esri Developer Summit  or the Esri International User Conference.

EDC Forum 2019