Esri Development Center (EDC)

Since 2017, University of Augsburg/Department of Applied Geoinformatics has become one of the 35 Esri Development Centers (EDC). Our mutual idea is to achieve closer cooperation between Esri and our students  to develop innovative applications based upon the ArcGIS platform. Therefore, our focus is to:

  • grant students special access to Esri software (licence for ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS Pro,  ArcGIS Online access),
  • motivate students to advance and extend Esri’s core software,
  • give students opportunity to be recognized for their accomplishments (e.g. EDC Student of the Year),
  • provide them with joined BA and MA thesis topic,
  • recommend them for internships at Esri,
  • encourage them to participate in the GeoDev Meetups.

Additionally, we support joined courses offered by the Esri education team and incorporate those into curriculum of the Geoinformatics MA program.

EDC Forum 2019

University of Augsburg/Department of Applied Geoinformatics will host the EDC Forum 2019 event.